5C/Automatic nailing/Precise and efficient

After high frequency joining the angle,it automatically nail 1 or 2pcs)on the back of door buckle line.
Higher continuous strength.Especially it is suitable for assembling solid wood batten.

5C/Automatic nailing/Precise and efficient

 落地页内大图.jpg High frequency nailing machine,since its birth in 2006,After three major breakthroughs and upgrades,it is well recognized by the market.More than a recognized by the market.More than a thousand units have been sold,It has brought a generous return on investment for many companies.

 落地页内小图1.jpg It is suitable for fast gluing of various angle joints such as photo frames,picture frames,mirror frames,cabinets,wooden door buckle lines,etc.Coated PVC,coated paper,and painted lines can all be assembled.


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