Commonly Used Wood for Furniture-Cherry Wood and Dalbergia Odorifera



Then let the wooden joining machine manufacturer show you about the wood you may encounter in life.

Cherry wood

Cherry wood is high-grade wood, and the grain is a straight grain. Cherry wood is mainly distributed in the eastern United States. The heartwood color of cherry wood is from bright red to brownish red, and the sapwood is milky white.

The bending performance of wood is very good, the bending strength and impact strength are media, and the impact resistance is medium, but the hardness is low. The mechanical strength is comparable to oak.

The main application

  Cherry wood naturally contains brown tree heart spots and small gum nests. It has a fine texture, clearness, good polishability, and good coating effect. It is suitable for high-end household items such as parquet floors, pipes, musical instruments, solid wood furniture, and cabinets, etc. Used to make car parts or sculptures.


Huanghuali wood color is golden and warm, the heartwood color is darker reddish-brown or dark brown, with rhino horn texture.

The color of rosewood is from light yellow to purple-red, solid wood, exquisite patterns, into a figure of eight, and the fragrance is overflowing when sawing. Its distinctive feature is that there are ghost faces on the pattern surface, that is, the tree knots are the best, and the thick flowers are low. Another feature is that the heartwood and sapwood are very different. The heartwood is reddish-brown to dark reddish-brown or purple reddish-brown, with uneven shades, often with dark brown stripes.

The main application

Because the wood property of Huanghualimu is extremely stable, it does not deform, crack or bend regardless of cold and heat, and has a certain toughness, which can make various shaped furniture. The mahogany furniture made by Huanghuali is very precious. Huanghuali is divided into Hainan Huanghuali and Vietnam Huanghuali. The price of Haihuang is much higher than Yuehuang.

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