no internal crack/uniform drying/ low operating cost


 落地页内大图.jpg Conventional Steam wood drying equipment

Environmental protection has entered every family, solid wood products are the most concerned 

about the priorities of household goods, there is no other reason, "solid wood environmental protection" this is everyone's consensus, but annoying is that solid wood things easy to deformation.

As the manufacturer factory of solid wood products, about 80% of the biggest after-sale reason is caused by the drying problem, so wood drying is the only internal factor that determines the quality of the product, that is to say, only the drying is done well, can talk about other things, you can say that drying is the first core of solid wood production

A variety of drying equipment has become the primary concern of manufacturers. The QKD series of steam wood drying equipment of 〖QingHuo〗 Company brings a new way of choice to you —— "optional" drying equipment, that is to say, "what kind of meal you want to eat, buy food and do it yourself, you can not eat set meals"

Because [Qinghuo] brand steam wood drying equipment has a simple type, economical type, ordinary type, standard type, super type for you to choose from, at same time you can also according to your own experience and habits to make your own combination of accessories 

 落地页内小图1.jpg Characteristics of Conventional Steam wood drying equipment

◆Qualified rate of drying: quality up to European and American market standards (no internal crack, uniform drying, low operating cost)

◆Effective loading material quantity:5-200m³/set【m³=cubic meters 】

◆Product design: European and American calibration or domestic standards

◆Kiln body form:all-aluminum alloy or brick-mixed kiln body

◆Loading timber mode:Forklift type or orbital type

◆Heat energy supply: heat pump, steam, hot water, heat conduction oil, electricity, etc.

◆Fuel select:Wood processing waste, coal, electricity, kerosene, natural gas, etc

◆Control mode:Semi-automatic, fully automatic, remote monitoring, etc.

◆Function of itself:eliminate wood growth stress, drying stress, residual drying stress; degreasing and oil removal of pine; Physical discoloration; Insecticidal; desugar; Sterilization etc.

◆Fancy or simple according to yourself budget:economy, standard, super

◆Craft keep up:Pure Italian technology

◆After-sales service: one year, three years, life-long after-sales way for you to make "meticulously" post heart service


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