Good dry quality/Has no bending and deformation/Has no mildew (blue) variation/Has no mildew (blue) variation


 落地页内大图.jpg Characteristics of vacuum wood drying equipment

1、Good dry quality (pass rate over 99%):

a、Has no bending and deformation.

b、Has no mildew (blue) variation.

c、Will not appear surface hardening.

d、No cracking (the width of the neat edge panel shall not exceed 1000mm)

e、Has no dry and uneven phenomenon.

f、During the drying process, can flatten and straighten the original bent timber (moisture contentabove 20%)by 75-85% to improve the utilization rate of wood

2、Fast drying speed (maximum drying cycle of 95% of commercial use wood not exceeding 100 hours)

3、Low operating costs (95% of commercial wood drying costs no more than $75 per cubic meter)

4、Effective loading material quantity for one time:1-20m³/set【m³=cubic meters 】

5、For the wood be dried thickness range:0.5mm-100mm

6、Loading timber mode:open the door upward,loading material in the kiln:open the door one side,loading material outside

7、No steam boiler, civil engineering and other supporting facilities

8、Need not crosser、trays, etc consumption materials

9、Less staff (2-3 people)

10、Equipment installation and commissioning fast(installation, commissioning and operation on the same day)

 落地页内小图1.jpg 11、Strong maneuverability, can be moved at any time according to user requirements

12、At the same time suitable for veneer and wood skin drying (fast speed, no foaming, no rolling)

13、Equipment covers a small area (maximum area of 50 square meters)

14、Reliable performance;Simple and convenient operation;Easy to master

15、Energy-saving heating, fuel diversification (wood waste, coal, electricity, kerosene, natural gas)

16、Exquisite design, unique; The color is bright, changeable and humanized

17、Pure Italian Technology —— Italian Design Process, Italian Processing Technology


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