The so-called "curved wood", as the name implies, is to bend the wood, not only to create smooth and natural lines but also to maintain the integrity and durability of the wood texture. Curved wood furniture, set off a new trend of furniture modeling, is a modernist work, representing people's new aesthetic pursuits and experience. Our company supplies a hot press wood machine.

Modern curved wood originated in Northern Europe and had an extraordinary impact as soon as it appeared in the country. So far, it has created many world-famous home products and is considered a revolutionary leap in the production of wood furniture.

Bentwood usually includes solid wood bending and wood glue bending, which are very different. The bending process of solid wood is very demanding, and the selection of materials is very strict. It needs to be cooked or softened at high temperature and then dried.
 Wood gluing and bending is a perfect combination of technology and art. It combines wood veneer (planed wood), blanks, and hot (cold) bending into curved parts.

The furniture produced by the multi-layer adhesive bending process can be bent on a large curved surface according to the characteristics of the human body and the use requirements. It has the advantages of moisture resistance, torsion, cracking, and deformation. Its beautiful arc is unmatched by other furniture.

The curved wooden furniture has a unique shape, beautiful appearance, simple and elegant appearance, and strong design sense. In the production of furniture, different shapes and different sizes of curved pieces are the keys to manufacturing. Below, we can understand the production and manufacture of bonded curved wood through a classic bevel.

The Eames recliner was born in 1956, and it is still popular in the world. It is the permanent collection of MOMA, the most important modern art museum in the United States. It consists of seven layers of carved wood with acid tree branch veneer, cherry veneer, or walnut veneer on it, with natural colors and textures.

In the manufacturing process of the Eames recliner, glue bending is the key link to ensure the quality and stability of the product.

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